Vital statistics
Location Forest
Hit Points 50
Base LP gain 20
Loot none

Ants are found around Ant Hills. When raiding an ant hill, all the ants guarding it will attack. Unlike most other creatures of this game, ants do not deal grievous damage. Because of their lack of means of damaging HHP as well as their simplicity in difficulty, ants are often used to learn how the basics of the combat system.

Combat Behaviour Edit

Ants only have a basic attack and a move that increases their attack meter. They will constantly fill up the attack meter and use their attack when it is around 65% full.

How to fight them Edit

It takes only a small amount of basic combat stats to kill ants with a single blow. Using the jump ability will refill lost attack meter, should an attack either miss or not deal enough damage. The bloodlust manoeuvre combined with the punch attack is the fastest way to dispatch ant swarms.

Each ant swarm should be killed individually. Raiding an ant hill causes all nearby ants to attack, so killing them beforehand is important to a successful raid. Failure to do this can quickly drain defence due to multiple opponents.

Ants can pass under fences, so hiding behind a roundpole fence will provide no protection from ant attacks. However, ants cannot track you though water, so if ants are chasing you near water, walk into the shallows, walk a few steps along the river, and hop out, free to resume raiding the nest without the ants bothering you, even if they are nearby.


  • An unarmed skill of 20 will reduce an ant to exactly 0 Defence with a punch.

Edit: Ants can now kill after K.O. They do 30 permanent damage with linen clothes, a sprucecap, and clogs on.

  • As of April 2016, ants have unarmed skill of 5 and deal 15 damage with a strike+backhanded type attack.

In Game ExampleEdit


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