Attributes affect many aspects of your character, and are increased by gaining Food Event Points (FEPs).  See the FEP Table for a list of all foods and their FEPs.

Low-tier and High-tier food refers to the ease of acquiring such foods, rather than the FEPs they provide. Low Tier foods are those available to players without access to clay or metal.


  • Affects damage inflicted by melee weapons or unarmed attacks.
  • Objects, by (Adventuring -> Destroy) or using a
  • Battering Ram and Stone axe adds 1 damage and a Pickaxe adds 2 damage.
  • Your damage is calculated by sqrt(Strength).
  • In conjunction with Smithing, affects the quality of objects crafted with Metal Working and Steelmaking.
  • Affects which type of ore you're able to mine in caves.

Example low-tier Strength food: Roasted Boar Meat, Roasted Bear Meat, Pumpkin Flesh, Ant Soldiers

Example high-tier Strength food: Midnight Blue Cheese, Brodgar Blue Cheese, Big Bear Banger


  • Decrease enemy minimum ranged damage against their perception
  • Having higher agility than your opponent decreases your attack cooldowns in close combat, and increases the opponents attack cooldowns by the same amount.

Example low-tier Agility foods: Roasted Rabbit Meat, Ant Larvae

Example high-tier Agility food: Ring of Brodgar (Baking), Delicious Deer Dog


  • Critical stat. Affecting all skills. Increases your attention span, granting the ability to study more curiosities at one time.
  • Affects your authority gain in conjunction with Charisma.
  • In conjunction with Stealth, determines the visibility and quantity of the scents you leave behind when you commit criminal acts.

Example low-tier Intelligence food: Roasted Perch, Blueberries, Sea Berries

Example high-tier Intelligence food: Jorbonzola, Blueberry Pie


Example low-tier Constitution food: Roasted Beef, Ant Pupae

Example high-tier Constitution foods: Cow Chorizo, Pumpkin Pie


  • Affects chances of finding foragable objects on the ground
  • In conjunction with Exploration, determines the visibility of foragible objects and the detection of criminal Scents by Ranging.
  • Affects the quality of unbaked goods: dough is soft-capped by sqrt(Per * Cooking).
  • Increases your minimum ranged damage, lowered by enemy's agility.

Example low-tier Perception food: Carrot, Roasted Plaice, Roasted Deer Meat, Aphids

Example high-tier Perception food: Lamb Sausages, Carrot Cake


  • 25 Charisma is required to become a Chieftain. Charisma added from items such as Bear Tooth Talisman counts towards this ( The quickest way to reach this is to drink a glass of wine which gives +15 charisma, which with the starting 10 is enough to become chieftain.)
  • Affects Leadership related combat skills, such as Stern Order and To Arms.
  • Affects your authority gain in conjunction with Intelligence.

Example low-tier Charisma foods: Grapes, Roasted Mutton, Salmon.

Example high-tier Charisma food: Harmesan Cheese, Pancake, Raisin Butter-Cake


  • Affects the quality of objects crafted with Pottery.

Example low-tier Dexterity foods: Roasted Chicken Meat, Chantrelles

Example high-tier Dexterity food: Chantrelle & Onion Pirozhki, Beeted Bird Breast


  • In conjunction with Smithing, affects the quality of Jewelry
  • Affects the crafting of specific items, such as Bear Cape, as well as all items that uses silk.

Example low-tier Psyche food: Roasted Sturgeon

Example high-tier Psyche food: Butter-steamed Cavebulb, Ring of Brodgar (Baking)

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