Auroch on field
Vital statistics
Location Grassland, Moor, Heath
Hit Points 300
Base LP gain 300
Loot Raw Hide, Intestines x6, Beef x14, Bone Material x6

(WARNING: They have about a 25% chance when you till hair aggro on you. If you're new (without armor) they hit upto 114+)

An aurochs can be tamed to become a cow or a bull. See this page for more info about taming wild animals. Aurochsen spawn in herds on Grassland (bright green terrain), Heath and Moors (yellow terrain with grass). Aurochsen hairs can be pulled and studied as a curio. Pulling hairs has a high chance of the herd becoming aggro at you.

To study Aurochs Hair requires 48 real time hours to complete.

Note: The singular noun is aurochs while the plural is aurochsen.

Quoting Loftar:

The singular is obviously "aurochs", seeing how it is cognate with English "ox". Accordingly, the only reasonable plural form is, of course, "aurochsen", seeing how "ox" still uses the Saxon plural form "oxen" even in Modern English.


Combat Behavior Edit

Aurochsen will attack with a stomp when their attack meter is high enough. They will also use a move that will give them initiative points and another that will fill both attack and defense meter. Sometimes they will use a special that will shift the balance towards their favor by one if they have enough initiative points.

An aurochs will not flee if severely wounded (the same is true of mouflons).

How to fight them Edit

Because the whole herd will swarm you if you attack one of its members, range combat is a near must, especially considering that multiple aurochsen can obtain combat advantage on you as well as deplete your defense meter at alarming speed. Since it is difficult to trap the entire herd, it is best to create a wall of signs around yourself with a boulder inside so that you can attack them from a range with relative ease. Alternatively, if there is a river nearby you can aggro a single aurochs and flee to a boat. The aurochsen will chase you and stand by the edge of the river while you let your rocks loose on them. If you need more rocks, hop off onto the other bank and chip some.

when you fight a auroch he will never escape

Getting Milk from AurochsenEdit

You can get 2L or more of Milk from an aurochs. To do so, you need to get one or more Four-Leaf Clovers and to have a Bucket in your inventory. Pick up a clover from your inventory and right click on an auroch, then pick up a bucket and right click on the aurochs to milk it. Each bucket can hold the milk of up to five milkings (needing 5 clovers) whether from one aurochs or several.


Feeding an Auroch a Four-Leaf Clover will reduce the chance of aggro by the herd when pulling hairs to almost nothing. Note:This only reduces the chance of herd becoming aggro not get rid of the chance.

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