Bar of Tin
Bar of Tin
Bar of Tin
Size 1 x 1
Skill(s) Required -999
Object(s) Required Tin Ore
Produced By Ore Smelter
Required By Bar of Bronze, and Candelabrum, Cauldron, Cellar, Frying Pan, Metal Saucière
Specific Type of Bar of Common Metal
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Tin is a soft metal that is unsuitable for making durable tools or equipment, but it is the only metal that can be used to produce Tankards, which are currently the only drinking vessel that can be used to hold and drink Beer. Aside from this unique use, the main reason to produce tin is as an ingredient in the making of Bronze, which is a much stronger metal that can be used to produce a much greater variety of tools. Tin can also be used in the construction of any tool or building that requires a Bar of Common Metal, such as a Cauldron. In order to make Tin Nuggets you need an Alloying Crucible.

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