A tooth from a fearsome bear. Bear Tooth also counts as bone material for recipes.

Bear Tooth
Bear Tooth
Bear Tooth
Size -999 x -999
Skill(s) Required Unknown
Object(s) Required Bear Skeleton
Produced By Hand
Required By Bear Cape, Bear Tooth Talisman, Village Claim
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How to AcquireEdit

Slaughter a bear, then right click to collect bones on a bear skeleton after skinning and/or butchering the remains. You will get four teeth along with other bone materials, and of the same quality. Quality is determined by the formula BearLevel*10+Survival/2.

Other ApplicationsEdit

Bear Teeth can be used as if they were a regular bone component when crafting items. This can also be a detriment if you are not careful as you can accidentally turn Bear Teeth into Bone Arrows or Bone Glue.

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