A piece of equipment that grants a base of 3 Strength and 5 Charisma. The boost you get is also dependant on your civilization/barbarism slider and changes as that slider does. The closer your Personal Beliefs are to civ, the higher the CHA boost will be and vise versa.

The quality of the Bear Tooth Talisman is affected by Psyche and Bear Tooth quality. The Quality of the String has no effect on the final quality of the talisman, only the Quality of the tooth matters.

Bear Tooth Talisman
Bear Tooth Talisman
Bear Tooth Talisman
Size 1 x 1
Skill(s) Required Hearth Magic (?)
Object(s) Required Bear Tooth, String
Produced By Hand
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How to AcquireEdit

Craft [C] > Jewelry [J] > Bear Tooth Talisman [B]

+3 Strength +5 Charisma

Q42 Bear Tooth + Q14 Taproot
Q40: +7 Strength +10 Charisma (Neutral Slider)
Q42: +6 STR and +10 Charisma
Q60: +7 STR and +12 Charisma (Neutral Slider)