Size 1 x 1
Skill(s) Required Bee Keeping
Object(s) Required None
Produced By Bee Hive
Required By Candle, Coiled Rope Hotpad, Hardened Leather
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Beeswax is required to craft Candles, Coiled Rope Hotpad and Hardened Leather.

How to AcquireEdit

Beeswax is acquired by right clicking on a Bee Hive and selecting 'harvest wax'. While beehives can contain multiple units of beeswax, if a bee hive has no beeswax, the option will not appear.


Both Beeswax and Honey quality seem to be based not only on hive quality, but also crop quality and/or the amount of growing crops within the hive's radius. A hive that sits for one high quality harvest and is then left without growing crops will give low quality wax and honey, while a bee hive that is permanently pollinating high-quality crops filling the entire radius will give far higher quality wax and honey. Wax may be generated only if there is a cetain amount of honey in the hive (needs further experimentation)

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