Beetroot Leaves
Beetroot leaves
Vital statistics
Size 1 x 1
Skill(s) Required Farming
Object(s) Required Beetroot
Produced By Nothing
Hunger Filled 10
Required By Chicken Salad, Stinging Salad
FEPs  % of Total
STR 0 0%
AGI 0 0%
INT 0 0%
CON 0 0%
PER 0 0%
CHA 0 0%
DEX 0 0%
PSY 0 0%
Hurt damage 0 0%
Sum 0
Hunger per FEP 0
FEP per Hunger 0
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Beetroot Leaves are a product of harvesting the Beetroot crop, along with Beetroot.

The amount harvested is based on your Nature/Industry slider ranging from 1 to 3 (with 2 being neutral).

Beetroot Leaves are used in crafting Chicken Salad and Stinging Salad. Eating Beetroot Leaves plain does not give you any FEPs. They can also be used as fodder in Food Troughs and in Chicken Coops .

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