Vital statistics
Location Forest
Hit Points Level*40
Base LP gain Level*60
Loot Raw Hide, Intestines x4,Boar Meat x8, Bone Material x4, Boar Tusk x 1-2

A boar is one of many different kinds of wild animals in the game. Boars also stand out as being one of the tougher creatures due to their aggressive nature and the likelihood of encountering them on forest terrain. Boars are also capable of breaking down wooden fences, and murdering you while you are unconscious. Fortunately, boars are notably slower than most other animals as their fastest movement speed is somewhat slower than a player's running speed, making it possible to outrun them given enough time and stamina. Finally, boars may be tamed to become domesticated pigs.

Collecting bones from a slain boar will result in Level*4+Survival/2 quality bones: 1-2 Boar Tusk and 4 Bone Material.

Combat Behavior Edit

Boars will attack with a stomp when their attack meter is high enough. They will also use a move that will give them initiative points and another that will fill both attack and defense meter. Sometimes they will use a special move that will shift the balance towards their favor by one if they have enough initiative points. If their advantage gets high enough, boars will start using a move that will rapidly increase their attack and defense meter (indicated by a throbbing heart).

How to combat them Edit

Use dash to counter against the defense drain and side step each time they use the special move to shift balance in their favor. Alternatively, you can simply try to use opportunity knocks a few times before hitting them to undo the initiative gain and damage them.

If the boar starts gaining too much advantage over you, try to use opportunity knocks a few times followed by a valorous strike to return advantage back to 0.

If things go too badly, try to find waters or a house to retreat towards to get out of their attack range. Boars move a bit slower than running speed, so you should be able to outrun them provided your stamina can hold.

It should be noted that when the boar's health begins to fall past a lower level it will turn passive and attempt to flee.


It has been mentioned that boars are one of the few animals which run slower than a Hearthling's third speed several times. Use this to your advantage if you need to flee from them or when trying to hunt them. If they begin to run away from you, you can punch them from behind for maximum damage, even with no red bar. For an easy kill against high levels boars, sling rocks at them from a boat, and then when they start to run you can hop out and chase them down.

It should now also be mentioned that a boar can now destroy stick fences, so the idea of capturing them by luring in a closing a gate is nowdays out of the question.

Boars have also been noted to be able to destroy boats, so be careful if you lure them this way.

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