Boar Tusk Snuff
Boar Tusk Snuff
Boar Tusk Snuff
Size 1 x 1
Skill(s) Required Militia Training
Object(s) Required Poppy Flower, Boar Tusk
Produced By Quern
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By using boar tusk snuff, your Strength is increased temporarily (15 seconds) by adding the Quality level of the Boar Tusk Snuff


Your Strength = 20

Boar Tusk Snuff Quality = 50

Strength is thus = 70

It is just superstition among players, but rumor has it that snorting Boar Tusk Snuff before embarking on an adventure brings you and your party luck. (and makes you high)

How to AcquireEdit

You need a Poppy Flower and a Boar Tusk to craft boar tusk snuff. The Militia Training skill is required.

Craft > Potions & Herbs > Boar Tusk Snuff


The quality of the snuff can be found by [Boar Tusk's Quality]+[Poppy Flower's Quality]/2=[Snuff'sQuality]

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