Boat Building
Boat Building
Boat Building
LP Cost 1,500
Skill(s) Required Fishing and Carpentry and Swimming
Skill(s) Enabled None
Required By Numen points
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Travelling with boats is much safer than Swimming. This is a recommended skill if you're trying to cross rivers and lakes.

In-Game TextEdit

"There is much to be said on the subject, but the short version is: If it doesn't float, it is not a boat."

Boat Building gives you the ability to construct boats and rafts. Rowboats are constructed as single objects, while Rafts are constructed part by part. You need four parts to assemble a raft. Lift the raft part and right click on another raft part to fit them together. Rafts can only be assembled in water. To exit any boat, hold control and left click where you want to exit.

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