Bone Clay
Bone Clay
Bone Clay
Size -999 x -999
Skill(s) Required -999
Object(s) Required Bone Ash x5, Cave Clay, Feldspar
Produced By Hand
Required By Ceramic Meat Grinder, Clay, Porcelain Plate
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Bone Clay is currently only used to make Porcelain Plate and Ceramic Meat Grinder.


It may be less than obvious, but the resultant quality depends on your character's Intelligence and Perception. -- Loftar

{Q_{Boneclay}}=\frac{{Q_{Bone ash}}+{Q_{Caveclay}}\times{2}+{Q_{Feldspar}}\times{2}}{5}

As of November 8th, 2010 every clay has a specific color when kilned into bricks.

When Bone Clay is burned in a Kiln it makes White Bricks.

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