LP Cost 1000
Skill(s) Required Oral Tradition
Skill(s) Enabled Road Building
Required By Numen points
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In-Game TextEdit

"Where there is a will, there is a way."

Cartography allows your character to draw a local map of the area you are in. To draw a map, use "Map area" under the "Adventure menu". You need to have a quill, ink and parchment in your inventory to draw a map. Local maps can be copied unto regional maps, by holding the local map, and right clicking on an empty parchment, or an already existing map.

Quoting JorbEdit

"There are two types of maps at present: Local maps, and regional maps.

One local map covers, if all the constituent grids (5 by 5) are filled in, an area the size of 4 by 4 minimaps (see the graphic in the bottom). Please note that drawn maps do not automatically update themselves. They are snapshots of the area at the time the map was drawn. If you use the cartography action again, in an area you already have a map of, the relevant map will be updated.

A map can be copied or updated from another map. Copying creates a copy of the map parchment in question, quite simply. Copy by holding the map and right clicking on a blank parchment. Update one map, using information on another map of the same area, by right clicking on the map that is to be updated, while holding the newer map.

Finally, local maps can be drawn into regional maps. Regional maps display, at greater zoom distance, 5 by 5 local maps, or 20 by 20 minimaps (an area equivalent to one quadrant of a supergrid). These maps can then be updated using local maps. Please note that the local map must be completely filled in before it can be drawn unto a regional map, or used to update it."


  • Map drawing, copying and updating uses 0.1L ink.
  • Quills have a chance to be destroyed after each use.
  • Map structure:
    • World Size = 45000x45000 (this may grow over time)
    • supergrid = 5000x5000
    • regional maps = 2500x2500
    • local maps = 500x500
    • minimaps = 125x125
    • constituent grids (of local map) = 100x100

The following figure illustrates this; However, it shows local maps as 16 mini-maps instead of 25 constituent grids.

HH Map info

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