Vital statistics
Size 1 x 1
Skill(s) Required Metal Working
Object(s) Required Bar of Common Metal x6
Required By Boiled Egg, Boiled Pepper Drupes, Boiled River Pearl Mussel, Bone Glue, Butter-steamed Cavebulb, Creamy Cock, Fishsticks, Hardened Leather, Onion Rings, Rennet, Ring of Brodgar (Seafood), Ring of Brodgar Dough, River Pearl, Silk Filament, Spring Stew, Stinging Salad, Sweet Beets, Tea, Wort, Zesty Brill
Repaired With
Liftable? Yes
Hit Points 0
Soak Value 0
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Cauldrons require water and wood fuel (i.e., branches) to function. While functional, cauldrons can be used to process tea leaves into tea and silkworm cocoons into silk filaments.

Cauldrons are also used in cooking boiled eggs.

Note : Even though a cauldron can be made from any common metal, it can only be repaired with cast iron bars. So keep it inside if you don't have access to iron

A metal cauldron does not need time to heat water like a clay cauldron.

Cauldrons quality does matter, water quality does, as does q of fuel.

How to AcquireEdit

Build > Cauldron