Vital statistics
Size 1 x 1
Skill(s) Required Locks & Bolts
Object(s) Required Bar of Common Metal, Block of Wood x20, Board x5; Log Cabin or Stone Mansion; AND Pickaxe
Required By Cellar Cheddar, Harmesan Cheese, Midnight Blue Cheese
Repaired With
Liftable? No
Hit Points 0
Soak Value 0
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  • Cellars give a great deal more space for storage inside.
  • They also protect items inside from the decay usually encountered outside.
  • Cellars can also be used to make Cheese when a Cheese Rack is placed inside of it.
  • Two cellars in one house lead to the same room.

How to AcquireEdit

You can only build a cellar on the ground floor in a house such as a Log Cabin, Timber House, or a Stone Mansion.

Build > Construction > Construct Cellar

You will then need to equip a Pickaxe to:

  • The Log Cabin requires 16 boulders taken out.
  • The Timber House requires 24 boulders taken out.
  • The Stone Mansion requires 48 boulders taken out.
  • The Great Hall requires 96 boulders taken out.

When there are boulders in the cellar, you can not enter the cellar without a pickaxe.

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