The Chieftain is a Village rank. The Chieftain can summon Hirdsmen, and can take or attach a crossroad sign to/from a crossroad. They can also wear a Chieftain's Hat.

Government powers Edit

Once you are appointed chieftain by the Lawspeaker (requires that the target villager have at least 25 charisma), you get a new tab called Government where you normally have Adventure, Build, Combat, and Craft. Under the Government tab, you have the following abilities:

  • Call of the Hird: Summons your hirdsmen to your location, at the cost of 50,000 [citation needed] Authority points.
  • Dissolve the Hird: All hirdsmen become regular villagers.
  • Name Hirdsman: Click on a player who is a member of your village to make him a member of the Hird. (Warning: this requires authority to use!!)
  • Oath of Allegiance: Invite another player to join your village.
  • Rouse The Rabble: Lets you restore the stamina of Hirdsmen at the cost of village authority.

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