Clay Cauldron
Clay Cauldron
Clay Cauldron
Vital statistics
Size 1 x 1
Skill(s) Required Pottery
Object(s) Required Clay x25, Block of Wood x3
Required By Boiled Egg, Boiled Pepper Drupes, Boiled River Pearl Mussel, Bone Glue, Butter-steamed Cavebulb, Creamy Cock, Fishsticks, Hardened Leather, Onion Rings, Rennet, Ring of Brodgar (Seafood), Ring of Brodgar Dough, Silk Filament, Spring Stew, Stinging Salad, Sweet Beets, Tea, Wort, Zesty Brill
Repaired With
Liftable? Yes
Hit Points 0
Soak Value 0
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Clay Cauldrons require water and branches to function, and can hold a maximum of 30 liters of water and 15 branches or 3 blocks of wood. While functional, clay cauldrons can be used to process tea leaves into tea and silkworm cocoons into silk filaments and making Ring of Brodgar Dough, among other things.

Clay Cauldrons halve the Q of the water inside it and takes a while to heat up enough to be used (around 10 minutes).

How to AcquireEdit

Build > Clay Cauldron

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