To enter console commands, be certain that you do not currently have a chat field selected, otherwise the command will go to chat instead of being executed. If the command is being entered properly, it will display in the lower left corner of the main window as it is typed in.

Camera Control
 :cam border Default. Camera follows the player character (PC) after the PC has moved a certain distance from the center of the screen. The camera can also be moved by middle click and dragging.
 :cam fixed Similar to 'border', but the PC stays at the middle of the screen unless the player moves the camera.
 :cam kingsquest Camera is fixed in place, but will jump one screen whenever the PC arrives at the edge of a screen.
 :cam orig Recenters the screen wherever the player clicks.
 :cam predict The camera scrolls ahead of the PC whenever the PC moves enough in a given direction.
 :cam cake The center of the camera follows wherever the mouse pointer is.
 :cam fixedcake
 :cam clicktgt
 :afk Enter 'away from keyboard' mode (z's will appear above your character as if it were sleeping).
 :bgm Plays music .*
 :sfxvol # Allows one to set the sound effects volume between 0 and 1. i.e. 0.1 for 10% sound volume. Does not affect music.
 :fs 0 Fullscreen off.
 :fs 1 Fullscreen on.
 :lo Logout without closing the game window

The full command would be

bgm -l sfx/music/song

where -l is optional (for looping) and "song" would be any of the following:

  • cabin
  • cave
  • chr
  • cmb
  • fishing
  • resting *1)
  • symbel
  • travel *1)

1) Same song

There is also another song command, but it is the same as bgm but instead of sfx/music/song, you do sfx/music/themes/song

Here are some songs that use this command instead of the stock music

  • ronald
  • blaze

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