Cutthroat Cuirass
Cutthroat Cuirass
Vital statistics
Skill(s) Required Leather Working
Object(s) Required Hardened Leather x10
Slot 2R
HP 400
AC 75/75
Stat Effects 3 UA, 5 Melee, 5 Stealth, 2 AGI
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The Cutthroat Cuirass is a leather armor much stronger than a regular Leather Armor, and is created from 8 pieces of Hardened Leather, and 4 Strings

Quality Hitpoints Absorption Skills & Attributes
10ql 400 75/75 +3 UA, +5 Melee, +5 Stealth, +2 Agility
40ql 1600 150/150 +6 UA, +10 Melee, +10 Stealth, +4 Agility
90ql 3600 225/225 +9 UA, +15 Melee, +15 Stealth, +6 Agility

How to AcquireEdit

Craft > Leather Working > Cutthroat Cuirass

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