Your character dies when its Hard HP reaches 0. The finishing blow can be caused by A Thorn in the Foot, players with Murder, Creatures (Except for chickens, toads, or rats), or Swimming.

After your character dies, it's dead for good; it cannot be revived. It will turn into a Skeleton. However, you can make a new character as the deceased one's descendant.

What happensEdit

A simplification of death:

  1. Learned skills are refunded as learning points
  2. Attributes and Quality skills are reduced based on your Tradition/Change slider.
  3. Refunded and unspent learning points are reduced based on your Tradition/Change slider.
  4. Personal claims are retained without change, except your Tradition/Change slider. which is reset to the Center
  5. Corpses are left behind which can be looted but require the theft skill unless you are the reincarnated character of them.
  6. Corpses will eventually turn into skeletons which will cause a drop of all carried items, which does not require the skill theft (Unless on a claim, not mattering if it is not their claim, except if you have the ability to steal on that claim), or you being the ancestor (Unless on a claim without you having the ability to steal, which then will need the skill theft) to take.
  7. To inherit anything from dead characters, new characters must read their Rune Stone in the character creation room.

Reincarnation details Edit

As quoted from Jorb, death involves the following:

1) Attributes and skill values are reduced by the appropriate percentage. Exploration 40 @ tradition/change +-0 (50% reincarnation value) = Exploration 20 Strength 40 @ tradition/change +-0 (50% reincarnation value) = Strength 20

2) LP spent purchasing learning skills is always refunded, reduced by the appropriate percentage, in the form of unused LP. For example Murder costs 100k LP. Reincarnation @ 50% reincarnation value means your character will start the game with 50k unused LP.

3) Unused LP (I.e. LP your character had in his pool when he died) is reduced by the appropriate percentage. 5000 unused LP is reduced to 2500 unused LP @ tradition/change +-0.

4) Claims are inherited, quite simply. Unreduced, that is.

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