Vital statistics
Location Forest
Hit Points Level*20
Base LP gain Level*60
Loot Raw Hide, Intestines x4, Raw Deer Meat x10, Bone Material x6, Deer Antlers

Deer fight solo, but can be found in herds. They have the ability to heal other animals and themselves for (DeerLevel)*11 but its capped at 100. It is recommended to either have a fast method of damage or to hunt in a group to kill a deer.

When you butcher the corpse you will recieve 9 Raw Deer Meat and 4 Intestines.

Collecting the bones will result in 6 [DeerLevel*5+(Survival/2)] quality Bone Material and 1 set of Deer Antlers, softcapped by your Survival and your Butchering Tool.

Combat Behavior Edit

Deer will attack with a stomp when their attack meter is high enough. They will also use a move that will give them initiative points and another that will fill both attack and defense meter. They will also heal themselves in the midst of battle as well. Deer are notably stronger than boar in terms of combat skills.

Also note That they can break signs AND roundpole fences.

How to combat them Edit

Use dash to counter against the defense drain and side step each that they use the balance special. Alternatively you can simply try to use opportunity knocks a few times before hitting them to undo the intiative gain and damaging them.

If it starts getting too much advantage over you, try to be able to use opportunity knock a few times followed by a valorous strike to return advantage back to 0.

Unless you have a strong sling and high marksmanship, it is not recommended to use a sling against a deer as they can heal damage dealt to them and you may not be able to damage them fast enough to overcome the healing as range damage does much less consecutive damage than melee. If you insist on sniping them alone, you should make sure the deer are isolated, your sling quality is at least 25, your marksmanship is at least 50, and that you have plenty of stones available. You may get lucky and be able to kill it within a few hits, but the battle could also drag on for a long time. You may be able to pull it off with weaker stats and even when other deer are present, but following these guidelines gives you a pretty good chance at a fast kill.

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