Enthroned Toad
Enthroned Toad
Size 1 x 2
Base LP Gain 4000
Attention 10
Time 15
LP per Attention 400
LP per Attention per hour 26.67
Skill(s) Required Tales of the Hearth
Object(s) Required 1 Toad, 1 Royal Toadstool, 1 Frog's Crown
Produced By Hand
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The Enthroned Toad is a curiosity item to get LP. The Q is the most important part if you want a lot of learning points, it is also a fun way of spending your time or working towards.


Softcapped by Psyche.

Get your Psyche up by drinking wine. only drink till a glass to keep out the cold or psyche will drop.

Make sure to use your best Royaltoadstool and Frog'scrown.

Quality Formula: qToad+qRoyalToadstool+qFrog'scrown/3

(Update this with more information and a fitting image)
Enthroned Toad

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