Food Event Points (FEP)Edit

Your Attributes (Stength, Agility, etc.) are increased by eating various foods. Most food provides a number of Food Event Points (FEPs) towards various attributes, detailed in the FEP Table.

By placing the cursor over the bar below the statistics on the character sheet, you can see a Bar showing how many FEPs you currently have, in total and by attribute, and how many you need. To increase a stat, you must initially accumulate a number of FEPs equal to your highest attribute (ignoring modifiers). Accumulating FEPs that contribute to different attributes, however, will lower the total number required. E.G. If you eat food that provides only Strength FEPs you will need X total FEPs to increase an attribute, but if you then eat food that provdes Dexterity FEPs, you will need <X FEPs. This only applies the first time you eat a food that contains FEPs for an attribute not in the bar.

Which attribute is increased is probabilistically determined by how many FEPs you have towards each attribute. For example, if you only eat Bear Salami, then upon accumulating enough FEPs to increase a stat, you will have a 57.14% chance of Strength increasing by one, and a 42.86% chance of Charisma increasing by one. After an attribute is increased, your current FEPs are reset to zero, so any overflow is lost (though it still affects the determination of which attribute increases before the current FEPs are reset).


Joe has 15 in all attributes. So he needs 15 FEPs to get his next attribute increase. He eats food that gives him 15 Strength FEPs, and his Strength goes up by one.

Joe now has 16 STR, so he'll need 16 FEPs for his next attribute increase. He eats some more food and gains 3 FEPs in each of Charisma, Dexterity, and Intelligence. 'His FEP bar is reduced to 12 FEPs required' ' (just an example, not the real value it would be reduced to)', with 3 Dexterity, 3 Charisma, 3 Intelligence FEPs. He then eats food that gives him 3 more Intelligence FEPs. This gives Joe a 50% (6 out of 12) chance of Intelligence being the attribute increased, and a 25% (3 out of 12) chance that either Charisma or Dexterity will be increased.

Joe's highest attribute is 16, so he still only needs 16 FEPs for his next attribute increase. This is important, as it means Joe can gain attributes faster if he avoids raising his highest attribute.

See the Survivalist's Quick-Reference for a list of FEP foods available to those without access to higher tech things, such as a Meat Grinder.


As per the example, since increasing FEPs is based on your highest attribute, increasing your highest attribute is not recommended, since it will affect how many FEPs you require to raise every other attribute.

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