Farming also refers to an incrementable skill.



LP Cost 400
Skill(s) Required Plant Lore
Skill(s) Enabled Bee Keeping, Beermaking, Cheesemaking, Winemaking, Yeomanry
Required By Numen points
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[show]==Farming and quality of seeds== The quality of seeds is affected by the current quality of the seed in your possession, and limited by the Farming Attribute level.

Each crop has a chance to produce seeds of slightly higher quality than the ones planted. So if you trying to raise the quality of your seed, you should harvest your fields and then only plant the highest quality seed from that harvest; over time, your average seed quality will tend to rise to your farming skill limit.

In-Game TextEdit


What it does:Edit

Several things, first it lets you plant and harvest several crops, plant trees, plow fields, mill flour, and even make a farmer's hat.

Adventure > Plow Field
  • Plows squares of furrowed soil that can be used to plant crops. Furrowed soil is not needed to plant trees, however. Uses more stamina than using the Plow item.
Build > Containers
Craft > Cooking

How to plant seeds:Edit

To plant seeds in a plowed field you must left click the seeds in your inventory and then right click on the plowed field you wish to plant them on. If the seeds are kept in Seedbags, the bag can be used to plant them instead of picking up each individual seed. Wait about 48 (depending on the crop) hours and harvest. Hops, peppercorn and grapes all require a trellis to plant.

Using well-placed beehives will speed up this process.

In order plant faster, SHIFT + RIGHT CLICK and drag on a ploughed field.

NOTE: Plowed fields will revert back to their original tile type over time.

About CropsEdit

Crop Field Planted with Additional Products and Information Stage 2(real time) Stage 3 Stage 4
Carrot Carrot, Carrot Seeds (Stage 2 : Carrot 2, Stage 3 : Carrot Seeds 3, Stage 4 : Carrot 3) 8 Hours 16 Hours 1 Day
Beetroot Beetroot Beetroot Leaves
Flax Flax Seeds Plant Fibres 1 Day 1.5 Days 2 Days
Grapes Grape Seeds Grapes (result in seeds when eaten or pressed)
Hemp Hemp Seeds Plant Fibres, Fresh Hemp Bud (when harvested at the third stage)
Hops Hops Cones Requires a trellis to plant
Peas Peapod
Peppercorn Peppercorn Requires a trellis to plant
Poppies Poppy Seeds Poppy Flower
Pumpkin Pumpkin Seeds Pumpkin Flesh (Seeds and flesh come from slicing a harvested Giant Pumpkin)
Red Onion Red Onion
Tea Tea Seeds Fresh Tea Leaves
Tobacco Tobacco Seeds Fresh Tobacco Leaf
Wheat Wheat Seeds Straw 1 Day 1.5 Days 2 Days
Yellow Onion Yellow Onion

NOTE: time of Stage of Growth is only when you have Beehive

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