Fishing Pole
Fishing Pole
Fishing Pole
Size 1 x 2
Skill(s) Required Fishing
Object(s) Required Branch x2; Fishing Line; Fish Hook; Fishing Lure or Bait
Produced By Nothing
Required By Bream, Brill, Eel, Perch, Pike, Plaice, Roach, Salmon, Sturgeon
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For more information check the Fishing page.

Fishing Poles are tools used to catch fish which is one of the staple food source early on for beginners. Be warned that fish is almost always INT food and if you live on a diet of fish you may increase your INT stat ahead of your other stats making it harder to increase them later.

How to AcquireEdit

Create a pole by crafting two branches.

Craft > Tools > Fishing Gear > Fishing Pole

Now, you need to add a line, a hook, and some kind of lure or bait before you can use the fishing pole.

Fishing Line

There are two sources of strings that can be obtained early on. The first is spindly taproot which requires the foraging skill. The other is plant fibres which requires you to find flax or hemp in which the farming skill can be used to obtain more.

Fish Hook

The most accessible hook is the bone hook which is made from bones easily obtain from animals, particularly rabbits and chickens.

Fishing Lure or Bait

Lures are objects crafted and used the same way as baits are. The difference is that lure is most likely not lost after fishing but has a low success rate. The most accessible lures are Feather Flies (block of wood + chicken feather), Pinecone Plug (cone from fir tree + birch bark), Rock Lobster Lure (stone), and Woodfish (block of wood).

Bait can either be leeches obtain by walking through certain swamps or earthworms obtain through digging in the forest (although the stamina it takes to dig might cost more hunger than you would replenish through eating the fish).

To equip the fishing pole with fishing line and other necessities, left click on the item to select it and then right click on the top box of the fishing pole.

Quoting LoftarEdit

"The lure, hook and line each have a 1% chance of breaking each time you fish. (Except, at least for now, when using baits instead of lures, in which case only the bait is lost.)"