Size -999 x -999
Skill(s) Required Farming
Object(s) Required -999
Produced By Hand
Required By Plant Fibres
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How to AcquireEdit

When harvested it produces one fibre and flax seeds (up to three seeds) depending on the harvester's Nature/Industry belief slider. Flax has the same resources as hemp, except hemp can be also harvested for their buds (Fresh Hemp Bud)

Flax is mostly used to produce Plant Fibres, which is used to make herbalist tables, or for making Linen Cloth, which can be used in the making of Torches, Banners, and other clothing. Flax seeds can be placed into Food Troughs and Chicken Coops

It is rumored that hemp grows faster than flax (1 hour faster), making flax obsolete.

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