LP Cost 200
Skill(s) Required Oral Tradition
Skill(s) Enabled Plant Lore
Required By Numen points
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This skill uses Perception and Exploration to be able to see various plants, herbs, roots and berries that you can pick. This Skill can also allow you to raid ant hills.

In-Game TextEdit

"High and low, up above and down below. The forest is a wild larder, and the heath an untamed apothecary, for those who know where to look.

Foraging gives you the ability to find and gather wild growing herbs, mushrooms, roots and flowers, usable for a wide variety of purposes, beyond their obvious utility in medicine and cuisine. Perception and Exploration are key values when looking for anything hard to find, and a well trained Survival skill will ensure that you harvest herbs with good results.


  • The frequency of finding herbs is based on the multiplication of perception and exploration skill.
  • The quality of the herbs is based on the soil it is on capped by survival skill.
  • There is a base value to start spotting foragable goods. Higher stats will increase the spotting chance.
  • If you have foraging but not hunting, ants will not attack you when you raid their anthill. (Does not work as of World 4)

Table of Perception x Exploration collectablesEdit

Per * Exp Item
5 Blueberries
10 Spindly Taproot

Stinging Nettle

50 Chantrelles
50 Wild Windsown Weed


Bloated Bolete
144 Four-Leaf Clover
200 Candleberry
250 Inkweed
250-300 Gray Clay
500 Rustroot
546 Cavebulb
600 Cave Clay
780 River Pearl Mussel
880 Feldspar
1250 Blood Stern

Please update or add as you find more.

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