Four-Leaf Clover
Four-Leaf Clover
Four-Leaf Clover
Size 1 x 1
Skill(s) Required Foraging
Object(s) Required None
Produced By Grassland, Heath, Moor
Required By Milk, Wool
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Once found, it can be fed to a Mouflon or Auroch to attain Wool or Milk without having to tame the beast. To use, pick up a clover from your inventory and right-click it onto the animal.

To sheer a Mouflon, feed it a clover and then right click on it and select 'sheer'. Each clover gives you 1 wool. You have to equip a sharp tool to be able to sheer (Stone Axe works fine).

To milk an Auroch, feed it a clover and then pick up a bucket and right-click in on the Auroch. Each clover gives you 2 litres of milk.

How to AcquireEdit

Four-Leaf Clovers can be found on Grassland, Heath and Moor. Get your (Perception x Exploration) over 144 and you will start seeing some.


Soil quality of the area determines the quality of Four-leaf clovers and is softcapped by Survival.

The quality of the wool or milk obtained is equal to the quality of the clover used to feed the animal.


You can feed an animal multiple clovers before sheering or milking it. This is most useful on Aurochs, since you can feed them 5 clovers and then milk them once to obtain 10 litres of milk, whereas with Mouflon you have to sheer them once for each wool.

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