Vital statistics
Location Forest, Grassland, Moor, Heath
Hit Points Level*20 (Some other base HP plays a factor)
Base LP gain Level*100
Loot Raw Fox Hide, Intestines x2, Fox Meat x4, Bone Material x2

Foxes are not aggressive to players but will attack any rabbits or chickens nearby. A player can pick up the corpse of the small creature afterwards.

NOTE: Make sure that you skin the fox corpse before butchering it otherwise you lose the raw hide. That is, if you want the skin.

Combat behavior Edit

They will attack with a bite or claw when their attack meter is full. They have moves that will grant them initiative points as well as filling both attack and defense meter. Sometimes they'll use a move which grants them combat advantage. It happens only if the player does not have any intiative points. Most of the time, they ignore this skill for the full duration of the battle, even if they have enough points to use it.

How to fight them Edit

If you are not able to damage them at the first attack, you may want to use dash to gain initiative points to use sidestep for balance while keeping your defense meter full. You only need a few balance advantage before getting initiative to attack.

If you find yourself losing defense more than you can recover, you may want to take the offensive path instead by using charge to get initiative to about 9-14 before using opportunity knocks before following that quickly (or it will regain the defense meter) with an attack. Hopefully, you can cause it to flee or at least severely wound it.

Or you can also trap them in construction signs first then shoot at them -- Take a lot of branches and make piles of wood; make sure they can't escape. DO NOT ATTACK YET! Foxes are able to break these signs to be able to get to you. Once you have them trapped in the signs, build a small fence around the Fox before attacking, this way it will not be able to break through and sink it's teeth into you. If you want to be extra safe, trap yourself too.

World 4Edit

From now on it can destroy signs (not fences etc and not when trying to flee) and can kill you after KO (like boars and bears).

Skinning and butchering foxes grants LP

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