Fresh Hemp Bud
Fresh Hemp Bud
Fresh Hemp Bud
Size 1 x 1
Skill(s) Required Farming
Object(s) Required Hemp
Produced By Hand
Required By Cured Hemp Bud
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Fresh Hemp Buds can be placed on a Herbalist Table, and will dry into Cured Hemp Bud after two real-time days.

How to AcquireEdit

Fresh Hemp Buds are harvested from blooming Hemp crops; this is the first harvestable stage of Hemp, represented by orange flowers. This stage lasts for two ingame hours (40 minutes). Harvesting during the non-flower stage growth gives Plant Fibres and Hemp Seeds. Note that harvesting buds destroys the crop's seed(s).

Blooming hemp plant.

It takes hemp approximately 33 hours to bud with two beehives.

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