Here is a list of article standards that should be upheld:

  • All items should have their own articles, including ore nuggets and uncooked foods (such as doughs).
  • Articles are to be named exactly as the items are in-game, down to capitalization. This counts for linking in articles too (e.g. when mentioning Beetroot Leaves in an article, it stays capitalized.)
  • All articles, if applicable, should have a template. (Items, objects, terrain types, skills, etc)
  • All inventory item pictures should be in .png format and have blank, transparent backgrounds and have the exact name of the item/article (i.e. Bar of Wrought Iron.png , Creamy Camembert.png).

Here is a list of things that need to be AVOIDED:

  • Non-English content should remain off the wiki. This is an English wiki; everything else clutters up the articles.
  • Information and articles about players, player groups and villages should remain off the wiki unless significantly relevant. (Examples; jorb and loftar, Constantinople)

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