Size 2 x 2
Skill(s) Required Bee Keeping
Object(s) Required Bucket
Produced By Bee Hive
Required By Birthday Cake, Honey Bun, Pommace Perdue, Ring of Brodgar Dough, Sweet Beets
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How to AcquireEdit

Honey is obtained by right clicking on a beehive with a bucket (it is possible when Beehive appears to be leaking honey). Honey is produced while there are growing plants in the area of effect (You can see that area while building a beehive).

Honey is one of the few liquids that can be stored in a bucket but not a barrel.

Honey is used to make Honey Bun.

Needed skill: Bee Keeping.

Honey arrives about every 20 minutes when there are crops growing nearby.

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