The implementation of horses was the 2010 April Fools joke announced on the forums by loftar. Though people oblivious to April Fools Day fell for it, with plenty of wiser players further feeding the others' gullibility, an update announcement made two days later by jorb struck doubt into many people who validly believed it to be a joke, by jorb posting two animated sprites of horses. As of yet, it still appears to be a joke; Wagons were added to the game, though they are pulled by cows (hence the skill, named Oxcarting).

Original post by loftarEdit

Hi forum,

Some of you have been craving for horses for quite some time and I'll have to admit that it's my fault that it has taken so long. Jorb actually drew the horses quite some time ago, but I've been a bit lazy with implementing them. Well, wait no longer; I have taken the time today to finally get them in.

The implementation is not quite complete yet, as there is not yet a corresponding wild animal to tame the horses from, but until such time as Jorb has drawn one, you can get one by offering wheat and carrots to aurochsen. Simply drop 50 units of wheat seeds and 50 carrots around an aurochs, give it some time to eat your offerings, and it will poof into a horse. Note that you'll have to stand by the aurochsen during that time to prevent it from despawning, however.

Once you have a horse, it works pretty much like any domesticated animal. Stallions and mares can mate, and they have another quality meter in their "character sheet" that determines the maximum speed at which they can travel. Its initial setting will be at the quality of the wheat and carrots you offered to the aurochs.

That's it for now, boys and girls. We hope to expand on them very soon with saddles and even armor, and, of course, the ability to turn them into delicious hamburgers. :)


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