Itsy Bitsy's Web
Itsy Bitsy's Web Clear
Itsy Bitsy's Web
Size 1 x 1
Base LP Gain 5000
Attention 10
Time 36 hour
LP per Attention 500
LP per Attention per hour 0
Skill(s) Required -999
Object(s) Required -999
Produced By Hand
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Itsy Bitsy's WebEdit

Itsy Bitsy's Web is a Curiosity that takes up 10 attention points and gives around 5-10k LP. 18k with max change and peaceful. It takes 36 hours to study, so it's a good curiosity if you are leaving for a period of time.

Note: Ql of the Web is softcapped by Survival and hardcapped by Soil Ql.

Max LP you can gain from Itsy Bity's Web:

QL - 100% Learning Ability/ 360% Learning Ability

10Ql - 5k/18k

20Ql - ~7,071(?)/25,456 (verified by WantSome)

How to AcquireEdit

Itsy Bitsy's Web Clear

Itsy Bitsy's Web

==== It can occasionally be found while foraging (Fishing, Any Clay , Dandelion , Spindly Taproot, Blueberries, River Pearl Mussel and Stinging Nettle, Chanterelles, Rustroot confirmed so far). ====

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