Keyboard Shortcuts

Open menus/windowsEdit

Ctrl + A Architecture
Ctrl + B Kin
Ctrl + C Global chat
Ctrl + E Equipment
Ctrl + I Inventory
Ctrl + L Land management
Ctrl + T Character
Ctrl + S Jump to chat line
Tab Inventory
Space Show/hide bottom half of interface

Main MenuEdit

See Menu Options.


Ctrl + R Change walk/run speed
Ctrl + click on an object in inventory or a container Drop object at feet
Shift + click on an object in inventory or a container Transfer object to container/inventory
Shift while placing an object to build Disable lock to grid
Shift+Right-Click With fuel selected, automatically adds fuel to right-clicked object (Kiln, Oven, etc)
(e.g., left-click branch, then shift+right-click the Kiln)
Menu/Application Maximize/minimize menu bar
Enter/Return "Craft" current crafting item
Ctrl + Enter/Return "Craft All" continuous crafting of current crafting item
Shift+Mousewheel Use shift+mousewheel to transfer items from container to inventory, or back.
Shift+CTRL+Mousewheel Use shift+ctrl+mousewheel to sort by quality (descending) when transferring.
Shift+CTRL+Mousewheel+Right Mouse Use shift+ctrl+mousewheel+right mouse to sort by quality (ascending) when transferring.

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