Learning Points are used to buy Incremental skills, Non-incremental skills, and Property.

They can no longer be acquired by performing almost all activities such as: Farming, Fishing, Digging, Murder, Hunting, Foraging, Constructing items from the Construction menu, Smithing, Lumberjacking, Soil up Stumps, Chopping Block of Wood, Chopping Boards, All Crafts in the Crafts menu, Gathering objects from trees, Raiding Ants nests, Killing creatures.

As mentioned above, some other actions also do not result in Learning Point gain however, often automated processes. Among these are: Baking in an Oven, Smelting Ore in a Smelter, Baking Pottery in a Kiln, Destroying an Object, Vandalism, Theft, Trespassing, Smelting Cast Iron to Bloom or Slag in a Finery Forge, Forging Steel in a Steel Crucible, Filling Water, Tanning Hides to Leather, Drying Hides.

Different actions give different amounts of Learning Points and the amount of learning points can be modified with equipment, such as: Ring of Brodgar, Pearl Necklace; Consumables: Black Pepper, Cured Hemp Bud, Tea; or by altering your Personal Beliefs.

World 5 - a small amount of initial LP can be found when discovering an item for the first time, it can also be obtained by using Curiosities, you put them in your study inventory ( as long as you have enough attention points ), and then wait for them to finish, and you get certain amount of LP. The curiosity system is the whole reason for World 5, and discussed in detail at the real wiki, which can be found at

Certain items take longer to finish studying them, for example the Cat Gold takes takes 1 - 2 real life days while the cone cow takes a few minutes.

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