Lift is a skill that you start off with. This skill is not based on any attributes. While Lifting an item you are forced into Crawling Speed until you drop it, no matter what ground type.

Items that Can be LiftedEdit

This is a list of items that can be lifted. Note that some objects, such as Cupboards can only be lifted when empty.

Alloying Crucible, Ancestral Shrine, Anvil, Bee Hive, Birchbark Basket, Candelabrum, Carpet, Cauldron, Ceramic Meat Grinder, Chair, Cheese Rack, Churn, Clay Cauldron, Coffer, Coinpress, Crate, Cupboard, Curding Tub, Dream Catcher, Food Trough, Herbalist Table, Large Chest, Large Stone, Linen Crate, Loom, Metal Meat Grinder, Metal Plow, Pot, Quern, Raft, Rowboat, Runestone, Spinning Wheel, Spruce Bough Bed, Straw Basket, Straw Bed, Sturdy Bed, Table, Tanning Tub, Torchpost, Urn, Wardrobe, Wicker Basket, Wine Barrel, Wine Rack, Winepress, Wooden Chest, Wooden Plow

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