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Skill Details
Cost to increase 100 * (skill level +1) LP
Affects Skill Crafting Bow and Ranger's Bow
Affects Weapon Bow, Ranger's Bow, Sling
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Marksmanship is an incrementable skill that affects your ability to create and use Wooden Bows and Ranger's Bows, and to use Slings. Like all incrementable skills, new players start with level 1. Reincarnated characters will start with a percentage of their ancestor's skill level, depending on their position on the Tradition/Change slider. It requires 100 * (current skill level + 1) LP to increase skill level. So, going from level 1 to level 2 requires 200 LP, and going from level 60 to level 61 requires 6100 LP.


When using a ranged weapon in combat, Marksmanship affects only the aiming speed, nothing else (weapon and ammunition quality may cap this, see Archery for details). Maximum damage is set by: Base Weapon Damage * sqrt(qWeapon/10) + Base Ammunition Damage * sqrt(qAmmunition/10). Minimum damage is set by: 0.5 * (pPerception/tAgility) * Maximum Damage, where pPerception is the perception of the player and tAgility is the agility of the target. Note that Slings do not gain any damage from their ammunition.


When crafting a Wooden Bow or Ranger's Bow, if the quality of the item to be crafted would be greater than your Marksmanship skill, then the quality is added to your skill value and the result halved. Marksmanship has no effect on the crafting of stone or bone arrows, which are soft-capped by your Survival skill.

e.g. If you use quality 50 string and branches to make a Wooden Bow and your Marksmanship skill is 40, then the quality of the final product will be (50 + 40)/2 = 45.

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