Size 1 x 1
Skill(s) Required Road Building
Object(s) Required - Initial Milestone:
Stone x150, Rope x4,
A Beautiful Dream! x5

- Subsequent Milestones: Stone x5

Produced By Hand
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Road Building allows you to construct milestone objects that you or another Hearthling can then follow.

How to AcquireEdit

Build > Construction > Milestone

Once you have an initial milestone constructed, you can build mini milestones by right clicking the initial milestone. Continue right clicking the new milestones to create more. Link them, and you have a path-findable road.

If you use a sign to connect the last stone to itself, it will make a character following the trail turn around at the end and start following the trail in the opposite direction instead of stopping at the end of the trail. You can no longer extend this trail. If you want to extend it, you'll have to destroy the last milestone. Then the new last milestone will have gone back to default last milestone behaviour.

Quoting JorbEdit

Build a milestone. (Right) Click "Extend". You now have a cursor to place a second milestone. The second milestone needs to be placed within 500 pixels of the one you just extended from. You can CTRL+LMB to walk with this cursor active (much like archery). Place as many milestones as seems adequate. On the original milestone, select "Make Trail". You now get to name the trail, and you'll be given a sign. Connect this trail sign to the next milestone. This next milestone can now be right clicked to retrieve yet another sign. Connect this new sign to the next milestone again, and, again, picking up new signs as you move along. Wash, rinse and repeat. Once you've connected up a nice little trail, you can now follow it by rightclicking on any of the connected milestones. Your dude will walk, and pathfind, as best as he can, along the road.

The radius on the original milestone, shown during placement, is the "turn radius". Once the dude enters this circle, when following a trail, he'll start pathfinding towards the next stone in line.

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