Mine Supports hold up the mine to prevent cave-in's.

Destroying a support, even within multiple other support's radius will cause a instant massive cave-in. Mine supports effect radius has been extended to 9 squares on each side, making it a circle with around 19 diametre.

Black: Support Green: Safe to mine Red: Unsafe to mine (further away from green, the more the risk)


Safely mine in green around support

Mine Support
Mine Support
Vital statistics
Size 1 x 1
Skill(s) Required Mining
Object(s) Required Block of Wood x20 Nugget of Any Common Metal x2
Repaired With  ?
Liftable? Structure
"Structure" is not recognized as a Boolean (true/false) value.
Hit Points 0
Soak Value 0
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When placing the mine support, the support radius is visible.

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