LP Cost 200
Skill(s) Required Stone Working
Skill(s) Enabled Prospecting
Required By Numen points
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How to mineEdit

To actually mine you need a mine hole or find a cave. Have a stone axe (slow) or pickaxe (very fast) equipped and use Adventure [A] -> Mine [M] and click on a black tile. It's best to build some fires first and take a lot of tea with you to regenerate your stamina.

Using a torch or Miner's helmet for light will help drastically when mining, particularly when working older mines whose ore deposits are located far away from the minehole. Note however that using a pickaxe requires both hands, thus making a miner's helm the only portable light source that can be used.

Miners beware!

Mining another tile while standing on a tile already mined without Mine Supports can cause cave-ins. Cave-ins drop a number of boulders around/on you, if they hit you they cause damage to you.

One player has reported cave-in boulders hitting for 150SHP and 60HHP damage.

There is no way to tell what metal you have mined untill you smelt the ore unless you first Prospect the site.

Mining tips

Mining cave walls or inside a mine hole the walls the ability to mine the wall is determined by sqrt(str*qTool)

hence when mining hard walls its recommended to try get the highest quality tool form mining possible to make it easier and also increases the number of walls you can mine.

In-Game TextEdit

"Gold gleams in the ground, and iron sleeps in the seam. Mother Nature gives not a sound, but my pick axe will make her scream."

Mining gives you the ability to mine metals in mines, that can be constructed at geology points.

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