Vital statistics
Location Grassland, Moor, Heath
Hit Points 200
Base LP gain 200
Loot Raw Sheep Skin, Intestines x4, Raw Mutton x6, Bone Material x3

Mouflon can be tamed to become a Sheep. See this page for more info about taming wild animals.

Mouflon spawn in large packs that will engage you simultaneously if you attack one of its herd.

Mouflon can be fed Four-Leaf Clover by right-clicking a mouflon with it. This allows them to be shorn for Wool of a quality level equal to the clover fed. They can be shorn as many times as they are fed clovers, and if fed multiple clovers they will be shearable for however many they were fed.

If multiple clovers of different quality are fed to the same sheep without sheering it, then all the clovers will average to one quality. Example: A sheep is fed a Quality 20, 30, and 10 clover then shorn. All three wool extracted will be quality 20.

In Game ExampleEdit

Mouflon heard

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