Nettle Pants
Nettle Pants
Nettle Pants
Size 1 x 1
Skill(s) Required Cloth Making
Object(s) Required Stinging Nettle x5
Produced By Hand
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Pants made from stinging nettles.

Nettle Pants at quality 10
Unarmed Combat Bonus Survival Bonus Agility Penalty
+1 +2 -1

Nettle Pants at quality 11
Unarmed Combat Bonus Survival Bonus Agility Penalty
+1 +2 -2

How to AcquireEdit

Craft > Cloth Making > Nettle Pants


  • Nettle pants fit under armor, and are complemented by the nettle shirt.
  • Nettle pants stats are determined by q10stat*sqrt(quality/10) - rounded down for bonuses, rounded up for penalties.
  • Crafted quality is determined by the average quality of the nettles used, softcapped by sqrt(Sewing*Dexterity).
  • Nettle pants reduce agility by 2 instead of 1 if Q11, still providing Q10 bonuses, thus it is advised to craft the Nettle set before raising your sewing over 10.

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