Peculiar Flotsam
Peculiar Flotsam
Peculiar Flotsam
Size 1 x 1
Base LP Gain 3000
Attention 9
Time 4 hours
LP per Attention 333.33
LP per Attention per hour 0
Skill(s) Required Per*Exp=110
Object(s) Required -999
Produced By Hand
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Peculiar Flotsam is a curiosity found in a river. It usually requires a boat to harvest. . Peculiar Flotsam gives 3000 lp at base 10 for 4 hours study, and has a mental weight of 9. For more information about curiosities and how they work, please see the Curiosity table.

LP with 360% LA
Quality LP
10 9000
17 14081
21 15650




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