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Size 1 x 1
Skill(s) Required Fishing
Object(s) Required Fishing Pole
Produced By Lake
Required By Filet of Perch, Perched Perch
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Eating a serving of roasted perch fills 30 units (3%) of your hunger bar and gives 4 intelligence FEP.

How to AcquireEdit

You must have the fishing skill and a fully equipped fishing pole in order to catch fish

Adventure > Fish

Perch is caught from fishing in deep water of a lake and a river. In both area, regardless the default kind of fish, only perch is caught when Q61 or more hook is used. (***note by player - I just caught 2 perches with fishing pole q10 [with hook q10], so I guess this Q61 is an old information****(it's correct. it means that with hook q10 you may catch any fish, but with q over 61 only perch. )

Note: Rock Lobster Lure is good for catching Perch. Lower level perch is caught most reliably from a river using a rock lobster at midday during a small moon.

(rocklobster+q5 fishing rod, got perch everytime)

How to UseEdit

You need to light a fire in order to roast a filet of raw fish.

Craft > Cooking > Roasted Meat


  • The quality of the caught fish is determined primarily by map data. The Q on your fishing gear can only reduce fish quality if lower than the fish's.
  • The quality of the roasted fish depends on your survival skill.

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