Size 1 x 1
Skill(s) Required Pottery
Object(s) Required Clay x2
Produced By Kiln
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Pipes can be equipped in the alternate head slot. They can be filled with Cured Hemp Buds or Tobacco and lit, causing the character's pipe to emit smoke for 5 minutes, as well as turning them into a small light source.

  • Smoking Cured Hemp Buds produces the "In The Fog" buff. The longer the character smokes, the more potent the buff is (whether quality affects duration or effect is unknown). "In The Fog" increases FEP gain from foods.

How to AcquireEdit

To make a pipe, you need the pottery skill and 2 blocks of clay. You also need to have discovered tobacco. Use the craft menu to mold the clay, and then fire the unburnt clay pipe in a kiln. You will need a minimum of 4 branches as fuel.

To gain a pipe recipe, you need to discover "harvesting" of tobacco/hemp and picking it up once leaves/buds are dried from herbalist table. Although cured hemp is used with the pipe. You can only gain skill from removing Tobacco from the Herbalist table.

Craft > Ceramics > Pipe

How to UseEdit

To use a pipe, first you will need cured hemp or tobacco. You will then need to right click the pipe with tobacco or cured hemp to fill the pipe. Once the pipe is full, equip it in your necklace slot and then right click and choose light.

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