LP Cost 5000
Skill(s) Required Mining
Skill(s) Enabled None
Required By Numen points
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You can build mines anywhere now. Whether they have any minerals in them depends on if they are built on a vein of minerals. You can find a vein by purchasing the Prospecting skill. The rest of the process involves making a specific herbal extract and using it to determine where a vein of minerals is. 0.1 L of Rustroot Extract is depleted each time the Prospecting skill is used, regardless of whether or not you find minerals.

In World 4 prospecting minerals no longer gives you a percentage. If you are within about 35 tiles of a vein it will say "There is x beneath you". The quality of rustroot extract matters now. The formula for it's range is ((q-10)*5) so quality 20 rustroot extract will have a range of 50 tiles.

Available metals are: Gold, Silver, Iron, Copper and Tin.

In-Game TextEdit

"Like tiny little pebbles, dreams of stone and metal, spewn forth from the innards of the deeper dwelling spirits of the mountain, so this area is strewn with gold. Now to find the Mother Lode."

Using the metallurgical qualities inherent in the wild growing Rustroot, mixed with water into an extract of the said root, you can analyze soil samples to determine their metallurgical compositions. This allows you to triangulate, and ultimately, determine locations suitable for mining. There is no need to dig up the soil samples, simply use "Prospect" under the adventure menu.

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