"Quell The Beast" is available so you can attempt to domesticate aurochs or mouflons.

How To UseEdit

Equip a Rope and use the attack "Quell The Beast" on an aurochs or mouflon.

Keep in mind that when you perform this on one aurochs or mouflon, the rest of the herd also aggros you.

Quoting Jorb:

"The prerequisites for using this attack, are as follows:

  • Full combat advantage- Use "Sidestep".
  • Less than one (i.e "0") combat intensity- Use "Consume the flames".
  • Two initiative points- Use "Call the Thunder Storm" for the Initiative points.

Once this attack has been successfully performed versus an aurochs, the beast is quelled, and the aurochs will now follow you around. The aurochs is however not yet tamed. Within the span of about ten minutes, it will try to break its shackles. When this attack comes, you must again quell its beast. If you hit the aurochs, at this point, it will lose some of its tameness. Each quelling of the beast renders 20 tameness points unto it. Once a grand total of 100 tameness points hath been bestowed unto the beast, it will... Metamorphose! ...into a cow, or a bull. You can now, via right clicking, leash or unleash the cow (or bull), and it will follow you around.

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