Ranger's Boots
Ranger's Boots
Ranger's Boots
Size 1 x 1
Skill(s) Required Leather Working, Ranging
Object(s) Required Leather x10, Silk Thread x2
Produced By Hand
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A pair of boots that form part of the Ranger's set of clothing. They provide the most protection of any footwear and increase Agility.

Quality Agility Hitpoints Armor Class
10 +5 150 15/15
40 +10 600 30/30
90 +15 1350 45/45

Ranger's GearEdit

The Ranger's set of clothing provides a good number of stat bonuses (+45 at q10), unfortunately this is predominately in Stealth, which is currently the least useful skill unless you are a criminal.

Item Agility Perception Stealth Exploration Armor Class
Ranger's Boots +5 15/15
Ranger's Cape +10 +10
Ranger's Pants +5 +5
Ranger's Shirt +10
Total (q10): +5 +10 +25 +5 15/15

How to AcquireEdit

Craft > Leather Working > Ranger's Boots

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