Ranger's Bow
Ranger's Bow
Ranger's Bow
Vital statistics
Size 1 x 2
Base LP Gain 0
Skill(s) Required Archery
Object(s) Required Branch x2, Silk Thread x2, Steel Nugget x2
Produced By Hand
Slot(s) Occupied 5L + 5R
Base Damage 300
Combat Skill Marksmanship
Ammunition Stone Arrow, Bone Arrow
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A Ranger's Bow is a top end ranged weapon. It fires stone arrows and bone arrows. It deals more damage than a Wooden Bow, but is three times harder to aim with. Both the damage of the weapon and the damage of the ammunition affect the damage dealt. It is, however, currently unknown exactly how overall damage is calculated from bow damage and arrow damage.

IEMM Base Aiming Speed Base Damage
3.0 1/6x Sling, 1/3x Wood Bow 300

The Intrinsic Effective Marksmanship Modifier (IEMM) variable is multiplied by the ranger's bow's quality to find the Effective Marksmanship Limit (EML) of the ranger's bow. e.g. a ranger's bow of quality 44 will have an EML of 132 (3x44). A person using a bow will not get any benefit to aiming speed from a marksmanship skill higher than the bow's EML. Aiming speed is affected by the base aiming speed and the lowest of 1) a player's marksmanship skill, 2) the EML of the bow used, 3) the EML of the ammunition used. So, a person with 150 marksmanship skill, a quality 44 ranger's bow (IEMM 3.0, EML 132), and a quality 65 bone arrow (IEMM 2.0, EML 130) will aim as if their marksmanship skill were 130. IEMM and EML have no effect on weapon damage.

Base aiming speed is in relation to other weapons. A ranger's bow aims at one third the speed of a wooden bow and one-sixth the speed of a sling. This means that a person with 300 marksmanship and a ranger's bow would aim at the same speed as a person with 100 marksmanship and a wooden bow and as a person with 50 marksmanship and a sling, assuming that none of them are limited by the EML of their weapons and ammunition.

How to AcquireEdit

Craft > Tools > Ranged Weapons > Ranger's Bow


A ranger's bow takes up both hand equipment slots. Together with a quiver, this severely restricts inventory space by preventing a player from using a backpack or traveller's sack. Using a merchant's robe can help with this.

To find the damage of any given ranger's bow, use the following formula: 300*sqrt(q/10) were q is the quality of the bow.

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